Web Designing Company to Create Your Website and Market it Globally!

Are you a serving as Yoga Teacher? Do you have a website to let the world know about your teaching skills? Do you want to grow your business as a teacher? If so then all you need is a maven web designing company that handles all your online visibility and branding along with website designing and its development along with Marketing. Real Happiness, A Yoga Marketing Company Based in Rishikesh, India; has successfully delivered several projects of yoga worldwide past last 3 year. We are dedicated to our jobs and believes in spreading happiness and think about making your clients happy!  C’mon, they get happy when they see their business growing. Infect, the philosophy behind our company name and logo is to spread out happiness by offering genuine work at affordable cost.


It’s easy job to get a website designed as there are several companies in the market today. There are various software such as word press, blogger, and other custom-made software which can help you build a website but how one can make sure if the website is browser friendly or search engine friendly or most importantly user-friendly? To rectify all these errors one need a skilled developer and a search engine optimizer. A developer rectifies the errors which are already existed on the website and help SEO people to take the website into next level where marketing starts and people from all over the world can access it easily.

What is our approach?

Our approach is very simple, first, we try to understand the nature of one’s business and what he/she wants to grow it.  Along with, what would be the best platform in terms of development, would be better for such website. After figuring our basic things, we then try to look for compiling images which speak business itself and informative text on the website which gives clear idea of one’s business. Keeping all these points in mind, we create a useful & attractive website.

How we promote?

After creation of a website, the second step we follow is, to create business-related profiles on social networking website and install them all into the website. We also research a set of good ‘keywords’ which definitely lead the business ahead. Our strategies are based on the nature of the business and it changes accordingly. We used the certain set of instruction to start marketing process for certain website and that’s how we execute result for your clients.

Eventually, Spreading Real Happiness

With our real and genuine services we are actually spreading happiness among our partners, clients or people who we worked for. We never get distracted with our work principals and that keeps us interacted! We usually ask people for their feedbacks and how they feel about working with us. We can mention things here about what they said but it’s better to put their own words which describe our work.

Here you go:-

I had a warm welcome at Real Happiness with Sanjay and his team. This team is young and ready to work hard and connect well!                                                                                                                                             ~ by Romain Clamaron

Great people. Quick, fast and friendly web design and SEO. Highly Recommended!                                      ~by Ryan Parenti

Very nice website designing and marketing team. Thanks for creating my Ashtanga Yoga website.             ~ by Tri Punda

You guys are really on top of all the new technology, and I am just glad that my project ended up in such great hands. I am extremely proud of what we created. You have always gone above and beyond for me.   ~ by Hariom Yogashala

These are some of the reviews we have posted here by our happy clients, for more reviews visit Real Happiness Google Local Business page here.



Promoting a Yoga Websites, Marketing Tips over Tricks!

The question “how to promote yoga website” came into my mind when I was about to promote the website (www.yogainrishikesh.in) for the best search engine ‘Google’. Yes, Google as knows one of the best search engines for taking care of its user’s time and always been improving its techniques to give best user experience.

Web desgining company helps yoga teachers and schools to build their business in yoga through marketing strategies.

As per my study, Google never gives rank to large marketers; for instance, if you perform a particular keyword, it will not show Amazon on the first position rather It gives rank to small businesses. As per my experience, If Amazon tried to do natural/genuine/white hat SEO on a particular keyword, it might get ranks but Amazon must need to forget its large marketplace. Google doesn’t welcome any sort of attitude!

Once, Facebook showed such attitude to Google and never followed its policies which resulted in Facebook pages thrown out of ranks. We hardly see Facebook pages except for some events pages but other social sites like Linkedin, Twitter, Pinterest and Tumblr are in high ranks.

It is crystal clear that one cannot buy Google rankings that the best thing to notice. And there you get most celebrated career scope as ‘SEO strategists’; a creative and useful job. So far, I have worked on several projects and currently working on a website which deals in the domain of ‘Yoga’. Here would like to share Yoga Website Marketing tips; remember, these are tips, not tricks!

10 best Yoga Marketing Techniques Not tricks! (Wait, )

Wait! Eager to Know All The 10 Tips and implement in Your Website? Here You Go!

To know all those 10 tips of yoga marketing, you need to go to the actual article which is written on the website I actually worked for 8 months and got results in 5 days. 🙂 Now from here you are asked to visit the website here www.yogainrishikesh.in and the actual article which explain the whole case study and tips on How to promote a Yoga website?


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